When I Couldn’t Talk to Anyone

“Therapy has been a life changing experience for me. When I look back to where I was before I started, I feel lucky to have had the chance to work on myself in the way that my therapist has helped me to. When I couldn’t talk to anyone in my life, in that room I have talked about everything: my childhood, my sadness, my fear, my shame and my insecurities. At times it was difficult to talk and sometimes I didn’t even want to. My therapist was gentle at those times and helped me take that difficult step. I talked about my choices and how I kept making a mess of my life. All along I had someone to listen while I learned to trust myself and others. I learned to build healthy relationships after I had spent my life putting myself in dangerous and damaging relationships, putting myself through one trauma after the other, all of which affected me very much. Now I can say I know how to take care of myself, and I know that I don’t have to live my life sad, hurt or hiding. I used to escape, using many different things. Now I don’t need to.”

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Dance & Movement Therapy Workshop at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s Dance & Movement Therapy workshop! In this workshop, through the techniques of the Expressive Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER), we create a space in which we communicate with each other through the movement of our body. This will be an opportunity for us to do a broader and deeper level of communication ...

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Art Therapy Programs at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s various Art Therapy programs! We offer the following: Individual Sessions¬†(Online or Face-to-Face) This service is usually face to face with only the client, the therapist and of course the artwork. It is focused solely on the client to creatively express, reflect and explore thoughts, emotions, relationships and difficulties in the safety of ...

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