Mirna Awad

Mirna Awad holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from the American University in Cairo. She earned a Diploma in Applied Psychology from Cairo University, a Professional Educator Diploma from the American University in Cairo, and a BA in Psychology from the American University in Cairo. She was trained in providing therapy in different settings; Wataneya Society, private psychiatric clinics, St. John American International School of Egypt, St. Andrew’s Refugees Services, and The AUC Psychological Counseling Services & Training Center. She was trained in carrying out clinical assessments in Abu El-Reesh El-Mounira Pediatric Hospital, Al-Abbasiya Psychiatric Hospital, Okasha Institute of Psychiatry, and Psychiatry and Addiction Hospital- Cairo University.

Mirna is experienced in working with individual, group, and family therapy, and with clients from different cultural backgrounds. Her main areas of focus include dealing with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, trauma, grief, adjustment struggles, relationship issues, parenting problems, and family conflicts, as well as gender and sexuality issues. Mirna studied the treatment of sexual disorders and addictions at Sigmund Freud University -Vienna- through four psychotherapeutic perspectives: psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, systemic (family) therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Mirna uses an eclectic client-centered approach in her practice which helps tailor the treatment according to each client’s struggles. She is trained and comfortable with applying primarily CBT techniques plus a variety of therapeutic techniques based on solution-focused, family systems, and interpersonal theories. Mirna can conduct sessions in English and Arabic.

Type of Counselling: Individual Counselling

Session Duration: 50-60 minutes

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