What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a “talking therapy” that offers you a safe space where you can talk about yourself, your
life and anything that may be troubling you, causing you pain or confusion. Therapy is a relationship
with a trained professional who can attentively listen and help you work through your struggles and
reach the goals you have set for yourself.


People seek therapy for many reasons; sometimes it is when they have hit a crisis and adjustment is
difficult, other times when things that have been going on for a while start to become uncomfortable.
Some people come to therapy seeking self-knowledge and growth others come in grappling with
conditions that are causing severe impairment to their lives.


“Therapy is a very personal process. Sometimes it is necessary to talk about painful feelings or difficult
decisions, so you may go through a period of feeling worse than when you started. However, therapy
should enable you to feel better in the long-run. Usually it will take a number of sessions before therapy
starts to make a difference. However on rare occasions, a single session may be enough” (Counselling &
Psychotherapy, bacp)


There are many approaches to therapy based on different theories and models. The foundation of
psychotherapy however is the relationship you as a client establish with the therapist. Research has
shown that the technique the therapist uses is not as important as the relationship that is built between
you and your therapist.


This is a relationship that centers around you, the client, aiming to help you reach your goals, overcome
your struggles, and produce the deep and long lasting changes that can enable you to live a more
satisfying life.

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