I Know Myself Better

“When I first arrived at Exist, I was nervous, it was something very new to me. I was overwhelmed and yet anxious to begin my therapeutic journey. My life had been stressful because I had a lot of feelings and issues that I couldn’t justify or link together. It was making me more out of touch with myself and that made me out of touch with other people. Therapy isn’t a quick fix; it gives me a chance to look deep within myself and to get to know myself more. It also has a big chance in helping me discover what I like about myself and what I can do to alter the things I don’t like and make the parts that I like about myself show. What was most helpful is that when I felt lost with all the overwhelming feelings I had, there was someone to help me figure out what these feelings were, where they were coming from and whether it is understandable or not to have these feelings. Not only that, but also to help me accept them and reflect them and my patterns of thinking and behaving. It is like someone is providing me with a bit of order in my scattered and over analyzing brain. I think a significant number of changes have happened to me and they are slowly but surely influencing my life in a very positive way. I have become more aware of what I am doing, I have also become less vague when expressing my emotions to people and that has destroyed my barriers. I always had a problem when arguing with people because sometimes I would keep letting them bring me down with their words even when I have a valid argument. Now I am more articulate and I think it is because I know myself better. So yes, I think it has made a considerable impact on my life!”

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