Sandra El Sabbagh

Sandra El Sabbagh is a UK HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist who received her MA in Art Therapy from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. In addition, she has a BA in fine arts and a PGDip in clinical psychology from Alexandria University in Egypt. Apart from her experience as a clinical psychologist working with adults in a psychiatric hospital in Egypt, Sandra has gained experience as an art therapist in the UK in an adult medium secure forensic service provided by England’s NHS. She is also a member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).

Sandra is experienced in working with adults and late adolescents from different backgrounds and with diverse mental health conditions. Her expertise includes working with eating disorders, substance abuse as well as emotional and interpersonal difficulties, including anxiety, depression, stress, anger, self-esteem, self-harm and pregnancy-related difficulties. Additionally, she is especially interested in trauma-focused therapy dealing with different types of trauma including but not limited to refugees, relational trauma, neglect, abuse and traumatic grief.

Sandra follows a personalised and eclectic approach depending on client needs and goals, where she primarily applies psychodynamic techniques accompanied with other therapeutic interventions (including Humanistic Art Therapy, Mindfulness Art Therapy, Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT), Trauma-Informed Therapy, Attachment-informed therapy and Group-Interactive Art Therapy model).

Sandra believes in the power of healing emotional trauma through art therapy and creativity; giving individuals a healthy outlet for expressing and releasing their feelings and fears, regardless of the person’s artistic skills. She trusts in the art-making process to facilitate the path of self-discovery reinforcing healthy connections with one’s self and others, as well as in helping to eliminate emotional roadblocks.

For more information on art therapy read her article: https://empower-mag.com/the-magic-behind-art-therapy/

Type of Counselling: Individual Counselling

Session Duration: 50 minutes

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