Noha Michael, MSc.

Noha Michael is a clinical psychologist; she got her degree in clinical Psychology from Sussex University, England, UK and her MSc. in clinical psychology from California Southern University. Personality disorders were the main focus of her most recent research.


Her clinical experience includes working with patients in the U.K., where she lived for eight years. This gave her insight into multicultural issues and personality differences. She also gained experience at Behman Hospital, dealing with a wide range of mental disorders.
Her areas of specialization include Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and personality disorders. In addition she has extensive understanding of issues relating to grief therapy, mood disorders, and relationships difficulties. Furthermore, Noha is trained in motivating patients in issues related to self-image, body image, self-esteem issues and finding better coping strategies.


Noha’s preferred treatment method is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is done in a non-judgmental and safe environment. Noha uses therapeutic techniques such as the ‘here and now’ to explore how we relate to others, the world and ourselves.


On a personal level, Noha is a long-time ‘siddhi’ mediator and is highly experienced in mindfulness and meditation practices. It is a great opportunity to bring mindfulness into the clinical setting in an easy and solution-based way. Mindfulness practices works especially well for depression, mood disorders, anxiety and eating disorders.

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