Systemic Therapy


Systemic Therapy seeks to understand individuals in the context of their relationships and systems (for example a family). Systemic therapy holds that meaning is created in the social interactions that take place between people rather than the concept of a single external reality. Meaning is therefore constantly changing as it depends on context. Difficulties are not seen to arise within individuals but in the relationships, interactions and language that develop between them. It is a practical approach that does not seek to analyse or diagnose, it is rather that the focus of systemic therapy is on addressing current relationship patterns that may be problematic in systems. It gives clients the chance to examine the stories they live by, and co-create new narratives and new patterns of behaviour that enable growth and movement.



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Dance & Movement Therapy Workshop at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s Dance & Movement Therapy workshop! In this workshop, through the techniques of the Expressive Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER), we create a space in which we communicate with each other through the movement of our body. This will be an opportunity for us to do a broader and deeper level of communication ...

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Art Therapy Programs at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s various Art Therapy programs! We offer the following: Individual Sessions¬†(Online or Face-to-Face) This service is usually face to face with only the client, the therapist and of course the artwork. It is focused solely on the client to creatively express, reflect and explore thoughts, emotions, relationships and difficulties in the safety of ...

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