Existential Therapy


The Existential approach is a philosophical one, concerned with the way human beings are in the world. It approaches the totality of the living situation and attempts to address how a client relates to the ‘givens’ of life. Clients are encouraged to take stock of their situation, recognizing their possibilities and limitations. Clients bring narrations, thoughts and feelings and the therapist offers the space where these can be seen, clarified and understood, gaining enough knowledge of the self and the world, to live authentically.  Existential therapy encourages an openness to perception and experience, and attempts to help clients find meaning in their life and their struggles, to better shape their own life direction. Therapists aim to help clients create an increasingly comfortable space inside and outside themselves, supporting them in claiming responsibility for their lives and coming to terms with past, present, and future crises.



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Exist & Addiction Treatment

Click here to check out the Community Times interview with Omar Nafie on Psychotherapy and Addiction Treatment in Egypt where he talks about many issues and topics including the latest definition of addiction, the changes happening in addiction treatment in egypt, sex addiction the stigma associated with it as well as the specialist services offered ...

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Identifying Eating Disorders

Exist’s Reem Shaheen talks to Community Times about identifying eating disorders and the red flags that family and friends can take notice of. She describes eating disorders as a serious condition and warns against its effects. She also explains the different types of eating disorders. Check out the full article inside. Understanding Eating Disorders

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