Hypnosis is a form of healing that helps people with numerous issues such as stress, anxiety, panick attacks, fears and phobias, depression, weight loss, quitting smoking, quitting habits such as nail biting, and much more. Hypnosis focuses on the power of the subconscious mind, as well as the power of the mind over the body. When under hypnosis the person feels very relaxed and therefore is able to accept suggestions that help the healing process. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool and also very safe with no side effects. In fact, we all get hypnotized everyday without even knowing. Reading a book, or even reading this paragraph is a form of hypnosis. Day dreaming is also another form of hypnosis that we all go through everyday. Of course hypnosis of therapeutic purposes needs to be deeper than those mentioned above. However, these example explain that the state of hypnosis is not so alien from us. Hypnotherapy is about using that hypnotic state to serve a therapeutic goal.

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Exist & Addiction Treatment

Click here to check out the Community Times interview with Omar Nafie on Psychotherapy and Addiction Treatment in Egypt where he talks about many issues and topics including the latest definition of addiction, the changes happening in addiction treatment in egypt, sex addiction the stigma associated with it as well as the specialist services offered ...

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Identifying Eating Disorders

Exist’s Reem Shaheen talks to Community Times about identifying eating disorders and the red flags that family and friends can take notice of. She describes eating disorders as a serious condition and warns against its effects. She also explains the different types of eating disorders. Check out the full article inside. Understanding Eating Disorders

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