12 Step Facilitation Therapy


A twelve-step program is a set of principles outlining a course for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioural problems. Originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous, twelve-step methods have been adopted to address a wide range of substance abuse and dependency problems. Now a fellowship of millions that extends worldwide employs twelve-step principles for recovery. Research has shown that the quality of recovery from all addictive and mental health disorders is enhanced by the many components of the 12-Step Programs, such as mutual support, honesty, accountability, acceptance, and spirituality. 12- Step therapy, adopting its main premise from AA, is based on the understanding that addiction is a disease and recovery involves admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction anymore, recognizing a higher power that guide and support, examining past errors and making amends for them, all leading to learning a new way of life and helping others who struggle with addictions.

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Exist & Addiction Treatment

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Identifying Eating Disorders

Exist’s Reem Shaheen talks to Community Times about identifying eating disorders and the red flags that family and friends can take notice of. She describes eating disorders as a serious condition and warns against its effects. She also explains the different types of eating disorders. Check out the full article inside. Understanding Eating Disorders

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