Grief & Bereavement

Loss is difficult. Whether it is due to change, an ending or death, the pain can be overwhelming. People try to make us feel better by giving us all sorts of “feel good” statements like “time heals all,” “crying won’t bring her back,” and “you must be strong.” These statements seldom help us and we feel like no one gets what we are going through. Losses bring about an ending: an attachment is broken making us lose meaning and direction.


After a loss one may experience all sorts of feelings including shock, numbness, fear, guilt, anger, sadness and despair. We feel emotional as well as physical pain. We may feel tired, without any energy. Often feeling breathless and hollow, and as if nothing is real.


While these feelings can be overwhelming, they are part of the grieving process. They scare us when we think: “If I allow all the feelings to rush, I will shatter into a million pieces.” We expect our minds to do the healing, although it is not what we think it is how we feel.


Here at EXIST we support our clients and help them work through intense emotions and facilitate their grieving process allowing them to discover what they can yet become.


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