When depressed and our energy is depleted pain seems to be the only thing we can feel. We feel irritated, lack motivation and may even find it difficult to start the day. We can feel increasingly isolated, alone and find little or no pleasure in what we used to enjoy.


After a thorough assessment we help clients find the treatment that suits their needs. With compassion we aim to help depressed clients find meaning in their lives and their suffering, to be able to regain their sense of control as well as hope to shape their lives and their futures, allowing for feelings to be lived, felt, and expressed.


Latest Updates

Dance & Movement Therapy Workshop at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s Dance & Movement Therapy workshop! In this workshop, through the techniques of the Expressive Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER), we create a space in which we communicate with each other through the movement of our body. This will be an opportunity for us to do a broader and deeper level of communication ...

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Art Therapy Programs at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s various Art Therapy programs! We offer the following: Individual Sessions¬†(Online or Face-to-Face) This service is usually face to face with only the client, the therapist and of course the artwork. It is focused solely on the client to creatively express, reflect and explore thoughts, emotions, relationships and difficulties in the safety of ...

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