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Existing as part of a family, in its diverse forms today, can be challenging. The family system and the way it functions, has various implications for the development and well being of its members. Adopting a systemic perspective, here at EXIST, we take the broader view that issues such as parenting, communication, divorce and step-families, violence and other emotional or behavioural problems, can be better understood and addressed in the context of the family system.


We aim to help families examine the stories they have lived by and to search with their therapist for new, empowering ways of viewing and resolving problems and relating to one another.


Couples may experience difficulties in their relationship, communication, and intimacy. They develop spoken and unspoken contracts, communication styles, as well as patterns of dealing with or avoiding conflicts.


At Exist Couples Counselling aims to help our clients understand what is affecting their relationship as well as their ways of relating to one another and to the world around them to be able to develop and sustain more functional, rewarding and satisfying relationships.

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Dance & Movement Therapy Workshop at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s Dance & Movement Therapy workshop! In this workshop, through the techniques of the Expressive Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER), we create a space in which we communicate with each other through the movement of our body. This will be an opportunity for us to do a broader and deeper level of communication ...

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Art Therapy Programs at Recovery Zone

Join Recovery Zone’s various Art Therapy programs! We offer the following: Individual Sessions¬†(Online or Face-to-Face) This service is usually face to face with only the client, the therapist and of course the artwork. It is focused solely on the client to creatively express, reflect and explore thoughts, emotions, relationships and difficulties in the safety of ...

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