Bulimia is characterized by recurrent binge eating (eating until the point of discomfort or pain, often with high-fat or sweet foods) followed by compensatory behaviors such as purging (self-induced vomiting, excessive use of laxatives/diuretics, or excessive exercise). Bulimics may also fast for a certain amount of time following a binge. Bulimics are usually normal in weight or a bit overweight.


The Struggle with Bulimia involves an unhealthy focus on body shape and weight, having a distorted, excessive negative body image, going to the bathroom after eating or during meals, and feeling a loss of control over eating behavior.


Bulimia is often accompanied by abnormal bowel functioning, damaged teeth and gums, swollen salivary glands in the cheeks, sores in the throat and mouth, dehydration, irregular heartbeat, sores, scars or calluses on the knuckles or hands, menstrual irregularities or loss of menstruation (amenorrhea) and drug or alcohol abuse.

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