People struggling with sex addiction use it the same way that an alcoholic would use alcohol: to numb the feelings and escape the painful parts of reality.


For sex addicts, sex becomes mood altering and soon becomes a central aspect of the struggling person’s life. The person experiences a loss of control over the thoughts that preoccupy him or her and behaviours become compulsive. Sex Addiction may also manifest as sexual anorexia (avoidance). The person may suffer from negative consequences related to his or her sexual behaviour that may include feelings of guilt, fear and depression as well as problems in the family and work settings. Recovery needs time for addressing and healing the core issues and traumas.


At EXIST, we follow Dr. Patrick Carnes’ Task Oriented Model to help our clients understand and recover by working on both the symptoms and the underlying issues causing the addiction. We offer treatment in the form of one-on-one sessions as well as group therapy.


After a thorough initial assessment we help our clients find the treatment that suits their needs. Being extensively networked with other treatment facilities, clients may also be referred to detoxification centres and residential programs according to their needs.


Am I a Sex Addict?
How Has My Relationship with a Sex Addict Affected Me?

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