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Addiction is a family disease.


When a person is addicted they become the focus of the entire family. With everyone paying close attention to the addict and his or her problems, it is easy to forget the rest of the family’s needs in the process. People who live in homes with addiction live in chaos; their environment has been out of control for a long time. When a loved one is in trouble people ignore their feelings, deny their own needs, keep secrets, and focus entirely on others around them.


“Addiction affects family members profoundly,” says Dr. Patrick MacAfee, a licensed family therapist and accredited addiction specialist who has worked in the field of addiction and recovery for 40 years. “They feel tremendous shame and try to cope in the best way they know how. But the usual ways of coping do not work with addiction – in fact, in most cases, they prolong the agony.”


At Exist we work with families suffering from addiction to help them initiate a recovery process that seeks to heal the wounds caused by addiction. We offer them support as well as help them gain an understanding of the impact of addiction on families and significant others equipping them with the skills and tools to help their loved ones and take care of themselves as well in a healthy and functional way.


For more information on dealing with addiction in the family read Detachment With Love and Interventions Can Help

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