Codependence is about extremes. Some people experience intense emotions of shame, fear, pain and anger. They may find themselves overreacting to situations and wondering whether they are irrational and crazy or they tend to go around feeling numb without reacting at all.


They believe that if they can just be perfect in all they do they will win the approval of others and stop feeling the way they do and so focus all their efforts on people pleasing. They may find it difficult to see their own inner value (that doesn’t come from possessions, accomplishments, or the approval of others). Often they can swing back and forth between low self esteem and grandiosity.


For codependents, it is difficult to acknowledge and meet their own needs and wants. They struggle with setting functional boundaries for themselves that protects their bodies, thoughts and feelings, without taking responsibility for the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of others, or blaming others for their own.


Often such men and women appear gentle and helpful although they struggle with a strong need to control those around them into giving them their approval.


Some families of alcoholics and addicts have shown these style of behaving very clearly. For more information on addiction and how it affects families Visit For Families


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